Product Information

Body Balm

After months of researching, testing & perfecting our recipe, we found the right combination of ingredients to create our body balm.  Our products are created by hand at our farm in Pender. The Mangalitsa lard is a high-end ingredient and we add high quality, all-natural sweet almond oil, vitamin E and beeswax to each batch.  We currently offer seven scents in a 6 ounce size – almond, alpine cheer, lavender, lavender-peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree and ultimate man.

Customer Testimonials

One thing our customers repeatedly tell us is that they love the consistency and richness of the body balm.  Here are a few product testimonials and ways that our customers have found to use our products.

 "I am a Nurse Practitioner in Radiation Oncology.  Because radiation can cause a significant skin reaction, I am always looking for moisturizers that are gentle and do not have alcohol or other chemicals in them.  Tami generously gave me samples to give to my patients to try.  Her products overwhelmingly stand out as one of the best moisturizers I have had my patients use.  I 100% endorse these products, particularly for breast cancer patient undergoing radiation." 
- Sheryl NP, Radiation Oncology

"After an entire year of dealing with a severe skin rash, I could see no improvement.  I had visited with several doctors and had been on antibiotics, steroids, ointments, powders, creams, etc, but nothing was clearing up.  Then I tried this body balm which was recommended to me by a friend.  It worked better than anything else I'd tried.  The balm contained a special calming ointment and skin-soothing ingredients. It helped protect my skin and lock in moisture.  The rash has cleared up!  I highly recommend this product."
-Danny, Customer

"As the summer began, my wife and I were in Omaha at the Farmer's Market where I purchased the Ultimate Man Scent Body Balm. With a great deal of skepticism, I purchase the larger container. I must say, I will have a hard time putting any other body lotion or body balm ever again."                                           -David, Customer

Packaging & Handling

We have kept our product packaging gender neutral as we have found that both men & women can benefit from the product.  This is an all-natural body balm...mangalitsa lard based products.  As with all things based in nature, this means it has a limited shelf life.  You can extend this shelf life by keeping it our of direct light and away from heat.  Because of the handmade nature of our product, you can expect to receive your product within 1-3 weeks of your order date.

Bulk Orders

If you are interested in ordering our product in bulk (20+ body balms), we ask you to contact us directly.  We will work with you on pricing, but may require additional processing time.