About Us


In 2014, we took on the exciting opportunity to raise Mangalitsa pigs on our farm near Pender, Nebraska.  This unique heritage breed of pigs originated in Hungary and they are known for their high quality fat and rich, marbled red flavored meat. We raise nearly 100 head of hogs on our farm and distribute the meat to high-end restaurants in the Omaha area as well as selling direct to consumers at the Omaha Farmers Market during the summer months.  The name Mangalitsa literally means “hog with a lot of lard” and as we processed these pigs, we began to learn more about the benefits of this lard and wanted to find a way to utilize it.  As we researched and experimented with different ways to use the lard, we recognized the benefits it provided in the form of a body balm and our business, From Farm to Skin, was born.  Click on the "order" page to check out our collection of luxurious body balms.  To learn more about our business, ELTEE Mangalitsa’s, click here.